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"Goddamn it! Hurry up! We're already late!" I quicken my pace while I'm looking back to rush the person behind me. He's still leaning down to tie his shoes.

"Why are you in such a rush? It's summer school. Fiem isn't gonna make us do push up if we're late. Hey, there aren't any cars! Let's cross now!"

"One sec! Can I get four grilled pork, Auntie?"

"Asshole!" Ow! Why the hell did he hit me in the head?! I rubbed the spot where I was hit and I turned to look at Phun who has a menacing expression on his face. This is assault!

"You were rushing me and now you're buying grilled pork?" Hahaha, so what? It wasn't my fault that you believed me that I was actually in a rush. I shrug at Phun and ignore him before I start pointing at which skewered pork I want. I'm picking ones with a lot of fat on it. I love those.

"You said there was no need to rush since it's only summer school. So I'm not rushing. Auntie, I want these ones."

"I'll get you for that next time. Auntie, please don't give him the ones with a lot of fat on it. It's already too fat as it is.

"You bastard!" What is he trying to say? I haven't gained weight at all. Sure, it was a little tough trying to button my jeans this morning but I think it shrunk in the wash. Aren't these supposed to stretch in the wash though? Was I lied to?

I reach out and kick Phun once before I hear a noise that causes me to look up.

I see a bird singing loudly on the awning. I furrow my brows and stare at it. It sounds like it's trying to communicate with another bird. I look around and search for the other one. Then I see a similar looking bird in a cage next to where the grill is.

"Eh? Is this your bird, Auntie?"

"I just caught it earlier today. My hubby mentioned he was in the mood for some bird curry. I was thinking of making that for him for lunch." Huh? Bird...bird curry? I'm suddenly feeling nauseated.

My eyes shift around rapidly, I have no idea what to say. That bird seems to be placing all its hope on me for some reason. It continues to make high pitch noises at me. I honestly think it's begging for me to help. I mean, I'm trying my best here, okay? "Aren't you afraid of catching the bird flu from eating wild birds, Auntie? Wouldn't it be safer to buy some from the market?"

"Dear, it's the same as catching it myself. That's what they do at the market. It saves me some money to catch them myself. Plus, if you know how to cook them the right way, you won't catch anything from them," Dang, she knows her stuff. What else can I say now?

I glance at the bird that continues to chirp loudly on the awning. Then I look at Phun, it seems he has an idea what's on my mind.

"Auntie, I'll take 8 skewers. May I please have them freshly grilled? Nice and hot?" And now I know what he's up to. Heh heh heh. Excellent. Stall as long as you can. I’m using this opportunity to move closer to where the cage is. Phun is still choosing which skewers he wants. He's being so fussy that I would've been so annoyed if I were the poor auntie. But it's better this way. She won't know what I'm up to.

"You sure are a healthy lad. You're picking the ones without any fat on it. You don't like them a bit burnt either," the auntie says joyfully. Frankly, I'm wondering if she was actually secretly insulting him. The auntie is being a typical older woman as she continues to speak. "It's nice that you're a health nut. You know, my daughter is quite cute. Are you interested, dear?"

"No, Auntie! He's my boyfriend! He's taken!" I quickly turn and raise my voice. Both Phun and the auntie are taken aback by my outburst. What's the matter? It’s not like I said something wrong. I take the opportunity to open the cage with a wide grin on my face while the two are still stunned.

"Oh, no!"

"Noh, what'd you say just now?!"

"Here, Auntie. For the grilled pork and for the bird. Please don't go and catch it again. I feel bad for the two of them. Phun! We can cross now!" I ignore what the two have to say and quickly put the money on the counter before I drag Phun by his arm to cross the street. (And it's not exactly empty now but there's no way we should be sticking around."

"Did you just...?"

"Did I just what?! Look to your right and left before crossing or you're gonna get hit by a car, dude!" I should at him while I look right and left before I finally manage to get him to the school gate. That sure took a lot of effort, I can't believe we made it out alive.


But before I could do anything else, Phun pulls me in for a tight hug. I could feel his heart beating fast. I couldn't help but chuckle at his childlike happiness. Suddenly, there's a loud whistle from the security guard telling us to move away from the entrance. Hey, there's nothing wrong with a bit of public display of affection! Haha

"Jeez, p'Noh. In the middle of the crowd? You better run, I got it from here!" I can hear Per shouting at me from somewhere. (Where did he come from?) He runs over to steal the baton from the security guard, causing him to switch from marching towards Phun and me to chase him down the parking lot instead.

The loud whistle continues to ring through out the area but not as loud as the chirping from the two grateful lovebirds. They continue to fly over us. There's nothing more beautiful than Phun's smile right now.

Our love is sick.

And I believe that our love will last forever and always. =]

Little birds, flying and chirping happily

Now it's our chance

I want to take your hand

I'm ready

You are the one

Time and time again

A piece of my heart is yours

For you and I

The time is ours

For us to make it known

And to add a little more brightness

to the world

We are in love

Only great things will happen from now on

No matter how much time passes

There will always be you and me

No other miracles needed

My dream is now reality

I'll never be happier than the times I get to spend with you

-The End-