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As night falls, it progressively gets colder and colder, yet the people on the stage are still fighting over who will get to sing. Perhaps because it's our last night here so everyone decides to go out with a bang. There are also those that feel too sleepy to continue and are leaving to get a good night's rest. I noticed this when I was getting something from our room. I saw that a bunch of people broke off into different groups and were playing cards. (I wish I could join them.) Many of the campers were hunkering down in the storage area. They were writing in one other's journal about their experiences here as mementos. :)

As for my friends and me? Well, we were just hanging out doing nothing much downstairs. Earlier, I left to use the bathroom with Palm (we were both dead already anyway) and we ran into a huge gecko! We both shrieked at the top of our lungs. Ohm, Earn, Pete, Joke, Nant, Pong and Phun rush right over at light speed thinking that we saw a ghost (or was being murdered for real). But seriously though! This monster of a gecko was no less terrifying than a ghost or a murderer. It was the size of my arm! Its eyes were glowing red. I've never been that close to a gecko before in my entire life. I thought I was gonna pass out.

Palm and I were teased mercilessly for the next two hours over what happened. (Hope you guys enjoyed that.) Then we decided to start a round of card games and write in other campers' journals.

While I'm waiting for Nant to decide whether he'd fold or not, Phun leans over to me and asks me a question. He's still writing into a cute girl's journal at the same time. (At this point, it's starting to feel like the campers are trading love journals.) "Hey, so where were you after dinner earlier?"

I look at him, not completely understanding his question. "What do you mean?"

"Well..." I furrows his brows in frustrations before he boos at Nant (for winning this round, haha) then he turns this attention back to me. "When you left with that girl from the convent."

"Her name's Jeed." Is he seriously tell me that even though he spoke with her at length this afternoon but couldn't even remember her name? What a player.

He nods to accept his failure to recall her name. "Yeah, her. What did she want with you?"

"She wanted someone to help with the dirty dishes." I keep my reply short because I don't care enough to discuss it. There's no use talking about what happened anyway and it'd only make Phun upset for no reason.

Phun nods once more then he leans back to continue playing the card game. "Well, aren't you a real gentleman." Yet, he still throws shade at me anyway.

"Like you. You were nice enough to help me with the dishes."

"That's only because I love you."

"Well, I'm a nice person by nature." I argue back and he smacks me in the head. Haha. Phun shakes his head and chuckles at me before he lets the subject dies. It's his turn to see if he'd lose all his money.

I watch him as he frets over what to do. My mind flashes back to what Jeed asked me a couple hours ago.

I don't know what other people would label our relationship. I only know that I'm happy that he is my friend and also my lover.

I'm glad that things are like this.

I'm glad to have Phun in my life. :)


And now it's time for bed. Per usual, we're the last ones to go to bed. No wonder it was getting eerily quiet around us when we were playing cards. Everybody else had already left to turn in. We were the only group of people still playing. (I lost all my money! Dang it.)

Before we headed to our room, Earn walked over to where Phun and I were. We noticed his serious expression so we stopped to chat with him. (Those bastards that walked ahead of us turned around and told me that they'd have the first aid kit ready if I needed it. Just in case a fight broke out between Earn and Phun over me. Goddamn them.)

But really, they were just teasing us. Earn isn't that type of a person. (Or is he?) He just wants to apologize for what happened during the game and being the reason for the Cold War that lasted for almost two whole days. (Looking back, I didn't mind. It was kinda fun.) Naturally, Phun goes into his chivalrous mode and tells Earn that everything was fine and that he understood the situation. Nevertheless, he throws some shade at me by saying that "Not that Noh would mind if it happened again and again anyway." Asshole. If I actually do follow up on that then you'd be the one hot and bothered. Heh heh.

And you guys know how Earn is. He's a real nice guy. So he doesn't catch on to someone as sneaky as Phun. I knew something was up when Earn was apologizing again and Phun told him that he needed to do something to make it up to him. Honestly, I thought they were actually going to have a fist fight like Ohm said. (I was slightly paranoid.) The two walked away together for a long while before they returned. That's when I learned that...

Earn's name tag has been ripped.

Ahahaha! For real, dude?! You had the nerve to kill the captain of the cheer team?! Man, you better watch out for his crew waiting for you in the parking lot or something. I laugh my ass off when I hear Earn says, "I'm not gonna ask how you got killed now, Noh. Dang." Hahaha! I totally get how you're feeling right now. (Crushed.)

Of course, the lights are already off by the time we head upstairs. Earn, Phun and I quietly enter the room, stepping as light as possible for not wanting to wake others. It's a bit of a hassle since we aren't sleeping in the same spots. I bid goodnight to the both of them before I walk over Pete to sleep in the space between Ohm and him. Ah, I finally get to sleep. Sweet dreams, here I come.

But before I could even start dreaming, a mysterious shadow crawls up between Pete and me. Yo! This is giving me deja vu. I squint my eyes and look at the student council secretary's face. He's pretending as if nothing is out of the ordinary as my slides his body up against mine.

"So it was you last night, wasn't it?!" I grunt at him through my teeth. Even though it's dark, I could make it out that he's making an obnoxious expression at me.

"Maybe..." He says shortly before sliding one of his arms under my head so I could use it as a pillow. I shake my head wearily but am still willingly using his arm for cushion.

"See ya in your dreams. Sweet dreams, okay?" Phun whispers to me before he pulls me in for a hug. He kisses his forehead gently. I let out a small chuckle because it suddenly feels like he's the much older one when we're the same age. I swing my arm over to embrace his hug.

And it wasn't like Phun needed to wish for me to have sweet dreams.

My dreams are always amazing every night that I am with him. =]


So I was cuddling with Phun when I fell asleep last night, but I will need someone to explain to me how I ended up all over Ohm in the morning. "Goddamnit, Noh. Your leg is so heavy, get off me!" Ohm sleepily curse at me as the sunlight begins to shine through the windows. The weather is extremely hot, it's so nice to be cuddling up with someone whose body is cool like Ohm though. (His body is cool, I don't know how or why. So I often love using him as a body pillow when the weather is hot out.) I open one of my eyes and notice that Phun is still sleeping next to me. It's just that we have broken apart (cause it was hot) into different directions. I stretch out my arms and put one on Ohm's face since he wanted to be fussy.


"Ow!" Son of a bitch! Are you a dog?! I wake up fully when Ohm sinks his teeth into my arm. I elbow him once since I was so startled.

"Ow, Noh! You made me bite my own tongue!" Well, you bit my arm first, you bastard! I jolt awake thanks to a rabid dog named Ohm. Everyone else slowly wakes up because of the commotion.

"Damn it. Not only you used me as a cushion you assaulted me too. My mouth is swollen now." Ohm mumbles to himself as he scratches his neck. Ohm glances near me and notices someone who was not supposed to be next to me.

"Aha!" What now?! I narrow my eyes toward Ohm. He has a suspicious look upon his face.

"Even during camping? You two are trying to make us into voyeurs, aren't ya?" What...are you even talking about? We were sleeping so far apart. Right now, Phun is all the way next to Pete. I guess he got warm like I did too. It couldn't be helped, I suppose. He was asleep next to a super hot guy like me. Hehe.

I smack Ohm in the head once for talking shit. Then I grab a small towel and sling it over my neck, intending to head to the wash area and brush my teeth. (Ohm is already back to getting some more sleep. Lazy ass.) Since my bag is right where Phun is, he wakes up too. "Where are you going?" There he goes again, so early in the morning too.

"To wash my face and brush my teeth."

"I'm coming with," he says with a yawn. You sure about that, buddy? I sit down and wait for him as he stretches this way and that way before finally getting up and grabbing the things he needs to wash up.

The two of us head down the stairs and walk toward the bathroom. We run into the senior staff members who are preparing breakfast for the campers.

I nod to say hello to everyone and I respond with a smile when they happily invite us for breakfast which consists of rice porridge. But I really shouldn't start eating when I haven't brushed my teeth yet though. I promise I won't hold back since I'm all refreshed! Heh heh heh.

Phun and I take our time heading to the bathroom area, chatting about stuff on the way there. When we arrived, we split up to wash our face and brush our teeth. Phun complains that he needs to take a shit. (Why are you telling me that?) So I tell him to go if he needs to and leave to wait in the front of the bathroom outside. (Because I didn't wanna stick around to smell it.)

I hear the sound of water coming from the women's side of the bathroom, this means that someone else has woken up early like we did too. I glance at my watch, it's a bit past 7. It's not that early or anything since we're camping. But a lot of people aren't awake yet because they were partying last night. (I'd be surprised if they could wake up early after all the things they were doing.) Plus, there isn't much to do today other than packing our bags and returning to Bangkok.

"Jeed, why the long face still? Are you still upset?" Wait a minute, that voice sounds familiar. I furrow my brows immediately, because I recognize the voice that's coming from the women's bathroom and I'm quite certain whom it belongs to.

"Haven't you heard, Yuri? This girl really thought she was the shit." Another voice that I recognize responds. It's enough to keep my feet planted in place.

"What do you mean?"

"She tried asking your ex out. I can't imagine what was going through her head."

"Watch it, May. Now you're just asking to be bitch-slapped."

"Go ahead and try. You're all talk. You never follow through with any of your threats." It sounds like the situation in there is quite tensed. I haven't moved an inch as I continue to listen. I was so focused that I didn't even realize Phun is now standing next to me.

"Can we please not fight? We're not at our school right now."

"Ugh, Yu! It's because you're like this, that's why she is always running her mouth off. Well, at least now she realizes she can't even be compared to you. Seriously, Noh wouldn't have picked you to be his girlfriend anyway, Jeed."

"You're the one acting like a know-it-all when you don't even know shit." Jeed says with much disdain in her tone. My heart sinks to my stomach because now I realize what she is about to say.

"Noh is a full blown fucking homo. No girl would want him anyway. So which one of us is the stupid one here? I wasn't the one who was dating and pining some faggot for ages. Ugh, disgusting.


I nearly stopped breathing when I heard a strange noise coming from inside. Silence falls the entire area.

"Don't you dare talk about him like that..." A small voice breaks the silence. Her tone is filled with fury. I've never heard her like this before.

"Don't you dare trash him like that."

"Why not? Was I wrong though? You didn't wanna tell us why you two broke up and this was the reason, wasn't it? That he preferred fucking guys? You were embarrassed that you were tricked for so long, right? No wonder..."

"Wait, Yuri! Don't!" Another voice yells out. There was a small commotion before I could hear Yuri's voice again. "You're so stupid! You will never know what a wonderful guy Noh is! Someone like you will never understand how incredible he is! You will never understand why I always tell people that he was the best thing that ever happened to me! Someone like you doesn't even deserve to understand how it feels!"

"Yuri!" I hear the sound of objects falling and feet shuffling against a wet floor. Yuri bursts out of the bathroom so quickly that I didn't have time to move away. Our eyes meet for a moment, then she runs off.

I had no clue that she still felt that way about me after everything that has happened.

When will I stop causing her pain?


After what had happened this morning, I find it hard to smile today.

Yes, I should be happy to find out that Yuri doesn't hate me like I assumed. But the truth is much harsher to deal with. Because if she were to hate me, even for a little, it could at least have justified my coward behavior. Or if I had known about her true feelings, I wouldn't have let our relationship withered away like this.

I keep pondering the situation as everyone drags their bags to the ground floor and wait for the mini bus to take us to the train station. I stare at the pale face I was once familiar with but she doesn't show any kind of response in return.

I keep thinking and thinking to the point where I don't even know where or how to start fixing this. I ended up not really paying attention when the staff revealed who the vampires were. (That bastard Phun was one of them, of course. And he apparently was the best vampire because he managed to kill Earn, Palm, two members of his group, two of the staff members, another person from another group and me. That jerk was ruthless. As it turned out, Ohm was a witch doctor. He said he tried so hard by wandering alone hoping to lure out Phun and get rid of him. But Phun knew what was going on and he didn't let that happen. Ohm didn't even catch any vampires and he got punished for it. I secretly loved that part.) Or when the staff members called out those that were murdered to receive punishment. (Because we were so careless.) I couldn't really concentrate on what was happening around me.

And Phun knows exactly what's on my mind right now. He reaches out and pulls me by the shoulders. He pats me gently as we ride the mini bus towards the train station. I smile in return even though I still can't get rid of that awful feeling. I still feel it even when we're on the train heading back to Bangkok. It was chaotic. Everyone was mingling and exchanging numbers and email addresses. Yet, I didn't feel like joining in with the festivities at all.

Ohm ended up asking Phun if there was anything wrong with me. He said that I was probably just tired. I felt bad that I had always make Ohm worry.

We arrive back in Bangkok around 4 pm. Everyone says their goodbyes with a hug here and a pat there. I force out a smile for them, feeling thankful. We all make a pinky promise that we will show up to the first day of summer school tomorrow. They all make me promise that I will go back and be my crazy self by tomorrow. (What does that mean? They're calling me crazy?) I laugh before I promise them that I will be even though I'm not exactly certain about it. But I hope that things will be better by the next day, just like the last time...

"To Ekkamai, please." Phun pokes his head in the side window and tells the cab driver. He waits until the driver gives him a nod before opening the door and lets me in first. I smile wryly and thank him as I stuff my bags and them myself into the cab. Phun follows suit.

"Wanna grab something to eat before we head home?" Phun asks me with a wide grin, enough to make me smile in return before I shake my head.

"Nah, I probably got food at home."

"Okay, then I'm coming with. Will anyone else be home tonight?" Heh heh. I cock my brow at his question before I answer slowly.

"As if I'd tell you." Naturally, a fist bumps me in the head because of my answer. Ow! Did you forget that I'm all sad here?! Damn you.

I scratch my head with a frown while looking out the window. There are many cars on the road and they're the reason we are stuck in traffic in this capital city. I watch as motorcycles wave around the stopped cars while feeling sad and frustrated.

The smile that Yuri had in Hua Hin pops back into my head. I could still remember how adorable she was. I see the image of her crying in front of the sticker booth from that day. I could still remember how much I hated myself. The memory of Yuri rushing out of the restroom this morning flashes inside my head. Everything keeps playing over and over inside my head as though someone keeps hitting the replay button. And it would keep replaying if it weren't for a warm arm pulling me in by my shoulder for a loose hug. He presses my head against his shoulder, practically forcing me to lean into him so that I could stop looking at and thinking of anything.

Ha, he is such a dictator. I glance up to see a hint of smile on his face. Phun must be the most adorable dictator in the world.

I close my eyes. The images of traffic fades from my view. The messy thoughts in my head are being pushed back in favor of me falling to slumber with Phun next to me.

His warm hand holds mine tightly. It's a reminder that as long as Phun is here, everything will turn out just fine.


"Noh! Wake up! You can sleep more when we're inside." Soon, a deep voice wakes me up from my dream. I open my eyes to see the familiar blue fences that belong to my house.

I shake my head to get rid of my sleepiness while I pass all the bags and other things to Phun who is already waiting outside with arms stretching out. Then, I climb out of the cab. "Where the heck are my keys?" I mutter while searching my pockets. I reach out to grab a bag that Phun is holding while thinking that they must be in one of the zippers. Yet, the tall figure in front of me isn't moving.

I follow his gaze to see a small girl that I know very well. She's looking at us from a nearby flower pots.

"Yu..." I whisper out of her name in surprise. Phun squeezes my shoulder in support. "I'll wait for you inside."

"Sure..." I answer him without looking at him. I can only think about how Yuri is currently right in front of me.

"Do you mind if we talk?" A small voice asks me. She walks up closer to where I am. I shake my head and open the smaller door to let her inside.

"Can we sit over there?" Yuri asks me while pointing to my papa's koi pond. I quickly give her a nod. To be honest, if she were to tell me to jump into the pond right now, I would do it. I'd be willing to do anything to make it up to her.

We sit in silence for a long while. We watch the orange and white kois swim merrily in the clear pond. They're basically Papa's children. (He loves them more than me.) I secretly glance at the girl next to me. She still hasn't said another word since we sat down.

Yuri's big eyes are focused on the small waves, almost as though her mind is flowing along the current. I don't know what she's thinking right now or what she's seeing inside her head. Is it the pond? Or is it something she would rather forget?

"Yu...have you eaten yet? Want me to get you some snacks?" I finally decided to break the silence between us. This catches her off guard and she flinches a bit. She turns and smiles politely. "That's okay. I still have plenty more in my bag. Would you like some?" Unbelievable. She stocked up that much for the trip that she still has leftovers? I let out a chuckle and shake my head. We both flinch when the outdoor lamps suddenly turn on.

I turn and see a tall figure inside the house near the light switch. Phun probably thought it was getting dark out so he turned the lights on for us. He really is too sharp for his own good.

"Phun's inside?" Yuri asks me quietly when she notices a tall shadow behind the curtains. I nod slowly, unsure of the tone of her question.

"About what I saw that day..." Yuri begins, her voice is low. Then she stops speaking. I watch as she pursed her lips together for a bit before she finally continues. "If you were to tell me that it wasn't it looked like...I'd believe you."


I look into her big round eyes. They're begging for something that I cannot offer.

"You know that I'd believe you, as long as you tell me..."

"That's only because we wouldn't lie to one another, isn't it?" I interrupt her. My throat feels parched. We fall into silence again. The girl in front of me pursed her lips together and look down.

I watch the sad expression on her face. There's also pain. "But I will always be your friend, Yu."

Yuri bursts into tears. I am stunned because I was caught off guard. I watch as she places her small head on her knees. Her shoulders heaved as she tries to catch her breath. I'm at a loss on what to do.

I hesitantly reach out and pat her shoulder. Then I stroke her hair gently when I see that she didn't mind. Yuri continues to cry into her knees for a long while without saying anything else.

"You heard what Jeed said in the bathroom, right?" She slowly picks her head back up and asks me a question. Her eyes are red. I force myself to nod despite the fact that I have no desire to revisit that moment.

"I was so angry, I thought I was going to tear her limbs apart for those awful things she was saying about you." I couldn't help but let out a chuckle. Then I playfully rock her head lightly out of adoration.

"You wouldn't have to go that far. I'm just glad that you understood."

"But then I thought about it and I felt like I should be tearing my own limbs apart." Her shaky words make me go still. I look at her wet eyes and a tear falls. I use my thumb to wipe it away.

"How come? I would be so sad if you were to do that."

She pursed her lips again. Her eyes are red like someone who is unable to hold back her sadness. She throws her entire body at me for a hug. "Wah..."

"Wa...wait! Don't cry! You're scaring me. What's the matter? You can tell me."

"I...I...I'm mad at Jeed for running her mouth off even though she doesn't even know the truth. But what I've done...it's worse. Even though I've been telling people that I knew you so well, yet I still did what I did to you, despite knowing what a wonderful person you really are. I got all caught up in this nonsense and I made a big deal out of nothing."

Her tears begin soaking through my shirt. I pat her smooth hair gently trying to calm her down. I want to let her know that it had never bothered me.

Yuri hugs me tighter with both of her arms. Her feet are still shaking. "I called Jeed out for saying things when she didn't know the truth. I should've taken my own advice. I should've known better. It doesn't matter who you love, you're still an incredible human being. I should've realized that sooner but I..." I continue to pat her head before I pull her off me so I could look at her in the eyes.

Her round eyes are still filled with tears. I wipe her face gently with my thumb. I give her smile, hoping that it'll help her feel better at least for a little. "Yu, listen to me. It's all in the past now. I'm sorry that I never told you myself. I was a jerk for letting you find out the way you did." I tell her and we both go quiet. I know that Yuri is thinking about what she saw that day right now. It was a painful memory for the both of us. But sometimes, it's important to revisit those memories in order to learn why we're still suffering from them now.

Her red eyes are looking at me, as if she is pleading with me to tell her it was all a lie or to say something that will make her feel better. But I would know that it'd be an illusion of happiness. It's time that I keep my head held high and admit to what's going on with my life.

I squeeze Yuri's shoulder gently to let her know that she should pay attention to my words. I'm not hoping for forgiveness from her or change her mind about feeling disappointed with me. "As for the thing with Phun, I'm not really sure how to explain. I don't even know when it started or when I started feeling this way about him. But with you, I've never changed how I felt about you. I still want to be your friend who is willing to go along with your shenanigans." I try to joke and she laughs softly. She wipes her own tears using her small hand.

"What are you even talking about? As if I could ever force you to do anything."

"You wanna take a night to think that over? Heh heh." I prod her head playfully. I noticed a small smile forming around the corner of her mouth, it put me at ease.

Yuri smiles wider before she glances towards the house. There's a faint sound of television being on coming from there. "It caught me by surprise. Suddenly, you were with Phun like that. I never thought that you were...uh..."

"I was what? Careful there." I pinch her little nose as punishment. Was she about to say that I was gay?

"Well, aren't you though?!" She protests loudly while brushing my hand away from her face. Then she reaches out and pinch my nose in retaliation. We mess with each other for a while before I raise my arms up and surrender. (Yuri has long nails. I don't want her to scratch my beautiful and gorgeous face. Haha.)

I think carefully about her question because I think it's difficult to answer. "I'm not really sure, actually. I don't feel this way about other guys though. Aside from Phun, I still am attracted to girls too. I mean, I still ask for cute girls' numbers when I see them, haha.

"I see, it's 08-461...!"

"What?!" I yell loudly once I finish my explanation and she begins reciting her phone number loudly.

Yuri grins wide. "Didn't you say you want cute girls' phone numbers? Hehe." She tells me in a sly tone. I couldn't help but knock her in the head lightly with my knuckles. This girl, man.

I laugh and shake my head. Yuri is smiling happily now. We go quiet for a moment. Yuri leans back and props herself up with her arms. She looks up at the now dark sky.

"So you're saying there's a chance, if you ever break up with Phun."

"Are you trying to jinx my relationship with him now?"

"Maybe. A little. Hehe." She tells me and smiles wide, showing off her canine teeth. Then she puts her head on my shoulder, leaning against me.

Her tone of voice goes soft, the way she used to speak to me when she asked me for something. "You don't hate me though, for real?"

"That feeling never once crossed my mind."

She small hand squeezes mine tightly. Her voice lowers. "You forgive me, right?"

How could anyone stay mad when she's like this? "I was never upset with you. You don't have to apologize for anything, okay?" I answer her while patting her head gently a couple of times. Yuri doesn't move, her head is still resting on my shoulder for a moment. Then she suddenly picks her head up and stretches out her arms wide.

"Can I have a hug then?"

I smile at the girl who's back to being her adorable self. Then I stretch out my arms and embrace her. I could hear her speak in a muffled tone. "Is it a sin to be hugging someone else's boyfriend like this?"

"Are you doing it in honesty instead of with a hidden agenda?" I tease her. I can't see her face so I don't know what kind of an expression she's making.

"I guess I better prepare myself to climb the thorny tree in the afterlife."

"Is there such a thing for Christians too?" I asked her in confusion. (Yuri is a Christian.) She giggles heartily in response.

"I don't know. Let go already though! It's getting hot!" She complains while pushing me off of her small body. She proceeds to fan herself using her hand as if she's burning up. I knock her lightly in the head for getting smart with me. (I did it lightly, unlike when I do it to Ohm, haha. No worries.)

I begin to complain too. "A certain someone was begging for a hug." Yuri doesn't react to my words.

"Hehe, so what's Phun doing in the house? Can you call him over? Phun! Phun!" There she goes again. She doesn't wait per usual. I shake my head and chuckle to myself at her silliness. I see the front door open slowly and Phun walks out looking puzzled.

"Y...yes? You called for me?" What the hell is up with this jerk? Those are my basketball shorts! He didn't even ask if he could borrow them!

Yuri grins from ear to ear before she starts speaking. "Thanks so much for letting me borrow your shoes. Did your feet hurt when you were walking back?" She says while she takes off a pair of flip-flops that I recognized belonging to Phun. Wait, when did they switch shoes?

Phun smiles wide as he points to the shelf where Yuri could leave the shoes. "Only a bit. I just avoided the rocks so it was fine." This conversation doesn't help the outsider like me who has no idea what's happening. I can only watch those two interact. Neither of them is picking up on my curiosity.

"When did you two trade shoes?!" So I better ask and find out for myself! I hang my mouth open in confusion while Phun cocks his brows at my slyly.

"You're not the only gentleman around here, dude."

"Asshole. Just tell me."

"Jeez, there's no need to fight." In the end, Yuri takes over the role of peacekeeper and prevents Phun and I from ragging on each other some more. Her small hands place Phun's flip-flops on the shelf while she begins to explain in her bright tone of voice.

"When I was thrown into the water, I was wearing my shoes. Phun let me borrow this. Thank you so much, by the way."

"It's not a problem," Phun accepts Yuri's thank with a gentle smile. I'm still thinking back at the camp. I didn't even notice that Phun was walking back with us barefooted. I guess I was too cold to notice anything else. I was rushing to get back to the campsite.

"And thank you too, Noh. For the shirt. I'm keeping it though. Hehe!" Hey, hey, hey! What the heck? I got that shirt from Onitsuka and it was expensive too!

"I'm gonna cuddle with it when I sleep at night and I'll do some voodoo magic on it too. Hehe." This woman is terrifying. -_- I let out a sigh with a small laugh. I give her a nod, letting her know that she can do whatever she'd like. Then I hear Phun saying something.

"Too late, Yu. I already did that. Haha." Jeez, you bastard. I finally find out the truth. You used dirty tricks to get me to be with you!

Yuri laughs loudly and she checks her white watch around her wrist. "I'll get you for that next time, Phun. It's getting late now. I should be heading home. Are you spending the night here, Phun?" And she leaves a huge bomb. I begin to sweat. Phun smiles as if nothing is bothering him.

"Yep. I can't leave him alone of a thief will get to him for sure." What the hell? I only forgot to lock the door once and he will never let that go. (Once, I said!)

Yuri laughs gleefully and she beings to tease me too. "I think you're scarier than a thief to Noh!" She's right! But it sounds weird the way she's putting it. -_-a I smile dryly when Yuri grabs me by the neck and kisses my on the cheek.

She lingers for a long time. She refuses to let go of me. Yuri looks at me, then at Phun who was taken aback at first but now he's smiling. "If you don't take care of Noh well, someone will totally steal him away from you, Phun! Be careful! I'm gonna get going now, byebye! See you all later."

The small girl waves and runs out of my house, leaving us waving back at her in a daze. I could still feel the kiss on my cheek.

"Girls just can't stop falling for you like always, huh?" Phun turns to me and cocks his brow. I stick my middle finger at him. Slowly, I take off my flip-flops and put it on the shelf. (It's more like lifting my foot over the shelf and fling it off one at a time.) Phun swings his arm around my shoulder and leads me back inside the house. "It's too bad. Yuri won't ever get what she wants."

"What are you mumbling about?" I furrow my brows at his words. I feel a tingle down my spine as he drags me inside the house by the neck and locks the door behind him. Maybe it's my imagination but Phun seems to be in an extra happy mood today.

"I'm saying she wouldn't be able to steal you away from me. Because I take such good care of you, right?" Jeez, what a narcissist. I raise my brows and look at him with a frown.

"Is that right?"

"Yep! And even though Yuri got to kiss you on the cheek," he says while reaching out to rub me on where she had kissed me. What is he up to now?!

"But I can do so much more, heh heh heh." Phun speaks in a deep tone of voice. He chuckles in his throat suspiciously. I'm starting to get chills. I think back to what Yuri said about how Phun is scarier than a thief. I'm starting to agree with her wholeheartedly.

I cock my brows at the handsome jerk. "Yeah. So you wanna head up to the bedroom?"

Phun's eyes bulge wide. "Eh? For real?"

"Yeah." I give him a nod and easily drag him up the stairs by his arm. Don't you guys agree that Phun is so easily swayed when it comes to this kind of stuff? Haha.

The two of us make our way to my bedroom. We stop in front of the door and I plant one on his soft lips. "Good night...dummy!"

Ahahaha! I can hear him banging on the closed door behind me. His face was so full of lust, I wanted to teach him a lesson. I whistle without a care while he continues to make a fuss outside of my bedroom.

"Damn it, Noh! Open the door right now!"

"What? You telling me what to do now?"

"Noh, please. Please, open the door for me?"

"Sorry, I'm sleepy now. Sweet dreams."

"Let me sleep with you. I promise I won't try anything. I just wanna cuddle with you to sleep."


"Okay, we don't have to cuddle. We can just sleep on the same bed."

"Good night."

"Come on! I'll sleep on the floor! Please! I just wanna sleep in the same room with you."

Heh heh. I think my dream will surely be sweet tonight. ZZZzz.