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"We're out of time. Does anybody have any questions? If not, please don't forget to finish the practice questions at the end of the chapter. Nontakorn, can you please return your classmates' practice books from my desk?"

Ah...is that a voice from my teacher or a voice from heaven? I suddenly have a spring to my steps once I hear her say those words after I spent almost two hours nodding off and on.

"Yaaawn." Speaking of which, I let out a loud yawn to announce to the whole world how sleepy I am. My mouth is opened wide as I stretch my entire body. I can hear my joints crack in pleasure. It feels so good. Who would've thought that trying to keep your eyes open for a long time uses way more energy than you think it would? While I consider stretching myself for the second time, Whin taps my shoulder from behind.

"Noh, pass this to Ohm?" What now? I accept a small note from him in a daze, then I hand it over to Ohm. "You're still at it, man?" How can I not complain when these bastards have been passing notes since the beginning of this period? Personally, I found it to be so damn annoying. Whenever I was about to nod off, that damn Whin tapped on my shoulder because he had a note for Ohm. Every. Single. Time. (He got the note from the guys behind him though, to be fair.) I was so over it. I didn't get to nap at all.

Ohm accepts the note from me, but instead of opening it up and read it, he simply crumbles it up. Eh?! What the hell?! I can't hide the confusion on my face as Ohm throws the ball of paper at Em's head. The poor guy was cackling to himself at the other side of the classroom.

"Class is over, you fucks! What the hell are you still passing notes for?! I'm too lazy to read that shit!" Hahaha. I agree though. I would've done the same. Seeing that, I laugh along with everybody else. Meanwhile, Em rips a piece of paper from his notebook, crumbles it up into a ball then he throws it at Ohm's head in retaliation. And just like that, our classroom turns into a (paper) battlefield.

And things probably would have gotten worse if Wich, who was on cleanup duty today, hadn't walked over with a broom and hit Ohm in the head with it. "Fuck you! I don't wanna clean all this shit up! You deal with this!" Ahahaha! Serves his stupid face right. That's what you get! I laugh my butt off watching Ohm rubbing his head. Then, he points out how Em, who's laughing from a distant, should share the responsibility with him.

"Help me clean this up, asshole."

"Sorry, bro. I already made plans with Gam. Hehe." He quickly dumps everything into his school bag and flees the scene. Ahahaha! You're definitely worse than Ohm today, Em! I'm laughing so hard that my eyes are closed. Little did I know that trouble is brewing my way.

"Em's a real asshole today. At least Noh's still around. Heh heh." Yo, yo, yo. My laughter slowly dies down and I stare at Ohm's face. His eyes are clearly full of hidden agendas.

And by the time I realized what was happening, everyone had already escaped from the classroom. Dude! You all ran off?!

"What the fuck? I had nothing to do with this" Goddamn it. It's not even my turn to clean the classroom today. I wasn't the one who made this mess either, yet I'm paying for this? -_- I scratch my head in annoyance while accepting a broom from Ohm to help him sweep. Damn it, I'll never forget this.

We each take a corner and sweep the floor. After a little while, Ohm's cell phone begins to make a noise. At first, I thought someone was calling him, but it isn't that heartbroken song with that Paew lady. Then there's also the fact that the entire song is being played. At some point, I decide to just turn and check why the hell that thing wouldn't shut up already. That's when I see the owner of said phone grinning widely to himself. I see. He purposely chose this song for me to hear. I guess he wants to create a more pleasant atmosphere to appease me. Heh heh. That's very good. At least you realize that you owe me. Heh heh heh. I sway my head along to the wonderful rhythms of "Do You Miss Me?" by Cocktail coming from Ohm's phone.

"Someone sure is in a good mood now. I could've sworn he was damn cranky earlier this morning." What's this fucker trying to say?! I glance at Ohm. He's still cleaning the room but there's a clear sly expression on his face.

"What are you on about?"

"Heh heh heh." And what the fuck are you snickering for?! I stop sweeping and put my hands on my hips. I give him a look but he doesn't stop laughing.

Ohm raises one of his brows before he reveals the reason. "You suddenly cheered up when you heard the L word from him, Napat!" Bastard! You're making fun of me?! I immediately glare at him.

"Real funny! If you have time to talk, you have time to sweep! Go on!" Quit wasting time already. I scold him silently while pretending to keep cleaning but he refuses to stop.

"You can actually get jealous? I'll be honest, this is shocking to me." What more do you want from me, man?! I switch from pretending to sweep the floor to outright leering at him. Nevertheless, he continues to run his mouth off while he sweeps.

"Dude, if that bastard could swallow you whole, we would've. He's really into you. He's never gonna cheat on you, I'll bet anything on it." Jeez...how much did he pay you to say all that?! I give him a confused look, but then he switches back to cleaning mode so I decide to not say anything else.

The two of us quietly sweep the floor. There's only the music from the small cell phone filling up the room. I use this time to think things over.

The more I think about this, the more I eventually realize I made a huge mistake not trusting Phun when he has been sincere to me and has shown how he felt about me this entire time. Not a day goes by that I can't feel the love he has for me.

Yet I thought Phun was capable of having feelings for someone else?

I'm an awful person.

Sigh... There isn't anything else I can do other than exhaling loudly. I don't know how I can make things better. Right then, "Trust" by Jetset'er begins to play from Ohm's cell phone. It's a reminder of when Phun told me that he had faith in me.

Therefore, I should respect him by having faith in him too.

"Hey, I gotta run." Once the realization hits me, those words leave from my lips right away. Ohm makes a face because he's so taken aback by this.

"Where are you going?! Clear the board first!"

"You do it. This is all I can help you with. See ya!" I insist on leaving with my school bag already in my hand. Ohm probably knows where I'm heading to and who I'm going to see with just a look.

"Okay...fine. We got practice today so get to the clubroom early."

"Yeah, I won't forget. I'll be there soon. See you at the clubroom." I give Ohm my word as I wave goodbye before I rush off to see a certain someone at the student council office on the floor below.


However...the office is locked despite how school has already ended. Normally, this place would be full of people. Where the heck did they all go? I scratch my head while I think. Today is a special day, which means that they're probably at...

...the conference hall on the 9th floor?

That's what I tell myself as I walk back to take the elevator so I can get to the 9th floor. The final round of the High School Economics National Competition is happening now and our school is hosting it. But since I need to go number 1, I stop on the 7th floor to use the restroom there. I assume that there'd be plenty of people waiting to use the restrooms located on the 8th and 9th floor.

And I was right. The 7th floor is completely void of people, which means the restroom should be empty too. I hum happily to myself as I make my way toward the restroom. I would've been able to relieve myself if I hadn't witness something right in front of me.

Pam is in Phun's embrace. He's gently patting her hair with his hand the same way he does to me. Everything is crystal clear. I'm seeing this with my own eyes. I'm being forced to witness what is happening in front of me. I can feel his touch. I can recall his warmth. I can remember how at ease he made me feel. But today, those wonderful memories are tearing me apart internally. Every part inside my chest is aching

The last thing I saw was Phun's shocked expression. It was only for a short moment before I turned my back at those two and ran down the stairs. I can hear the familiar voice calling out for my name. It's hurting even more because how familiar it is. And likewise, the more I realize how much I love him, the more pain builds up inside.

I force myself to run until I arrive at the clubroom. Phun didn't come after me.

I feel that the Phun I used to know had faded away.

"Mum, what the fuck?! You're the size of a bull and this is all the strength you have?! Blow harder! You know what, three laps around the field. You better not come back until you finished three laps!" Ohm yells at an underclassman and the entire room is dead quiet for a moment. It isn't often that Ohm loses it like this. Every time that it does happen, however, I'm usually there to console whoever wins the jackpot that day.

It's just that I can barely hold myself together let alone helping anyone else right now.

"Mum's crying again, p'Noh." Knott quietly informs me. He elbows me lightly so that I turn in his direction. I can see nong Mum wiping the tears from his face as he leaves the clubroom. Meanwhile, Ohm tells the rest of the band members to get back to practicing.

"Yeah...well, I feel like crying too." I murmur to myself while I adjust Knott's fingers on the cello. "Eh?! What's wrong, p'?" This bastard somehow heard me.

Realizing that, I quickly smile at him to hide it. "Oh, nothing. I'm about to cry because you just can't seem to get this right. Heh heh. I told you to put this finger right here. Do you wanna go run laps too? Heh heh heh."

"Ah...don't be cruel, p'. I started learning this only a couple of days ago." Knott complains and he turns to blame Per for ruining his concentration. It...makes no sense whatsoever because the whole room is bursting with all kinds of instrument being played. Nearly all the club members are here this evening.

I chuckle at the two kids and their small argument which is turning into small a war with drum sticks. Everyone else in the room cracks up too. The tense atmosphere from earlier is slowly dying down. It's funny trying to teach nong Knott how to play the cello. He's pouting because he's having a hard time with it. (He's good at everything else but this, I guess.) I may be laughing and I may be smiling...but I feel completely opposite on the inside.


I didn't realize this until now, but I've been staring at the door hoping that someone would walk in this entire time.

But life is full of disappointments.

I should've known better. I should've known that things between two of us would end this way.


"It's almost 8, should we end practice now?" Film asks while he helps Knott with the last note. I hastily check my watch and discover that he is right. "Yeah, yeah, yeah. Let's close up. Sorry, man. I forgot to check the time." I answer him and he proceeds to shout to let everyone in the room know. "Practice's over! Pack up your things and get your asses home!" Jeez...really, now. -_- Couldn't you have said been nicer about it, you bastard?

I shake my head and chuckle to myself as I help Knott put away the sheet music stands and return the cello into its case. At the same time, the rest of the guys are putting their instruments away. I help others pack up and wave goodbye to the ones leaving. Eventually, only the 11th graders are left behind to finish clearing the room.

"I think this is good enough, Noh. There's no need to put all those away. Ngoi needs to type them up tomorrow morning anyway." Art tells me as he points to a huge stack of document that still need to be added to the computer. He's right about this, it's better this way since we won't have to waste time. I nod at his suggestion before I check everything is in order and grab my school bag.

"You're not forgetting anything, right? I'm turning off the lights." I call out to the guys that are putting on their shoes outside. They yell back and no one objects to this. I turn off all the lights and leave the room so I can put my shoes on too.

But then, I see someone waiting for me right outside.

"Phun..." I mutter the name of the person standing before me, mostly because I'm surprised to see him here. But a second later, those awful feelings from earlier today hit me like a truck.

"What's up, Phun? Waiting for Noh? Why didn't you go inside and wait? There are a fuckton of mosquitoes out here." Film asks the student council secretary. There's a small smile on Phun's face and he answers the questions. "Just wanted a change of scenery. Noh, let's head home together?" What on earth makes him think that I'd wanna go home with him?

"Ohm, mind if I hang out at your place for a bit today?" I'm not answering his invitation and turn my attention to Ohm instead. Ohm looks confused but I think he is able to read my face and learn the answers to several of his questions.

Ohm looks at me, then at Phun, before he lets out a long sigh. "This is between you two and I don't wanna get in the middle of it. Go have a conversation by yourselves. But if it does get bad, then you can come find me." Ohm always knows what's on my mind. He always knows what I might be thinking or planning to do. And this time, he knows that I'm trying to run. The reason I want to run, though, is that I don't even know what I can say to Phun. Just seeing him here makes me feel drained. I may have wanted him to come find me so he can explain everything before, but right now I'm not ready to hear what he has to say at all.

Ohm squeezes my shoulder tightly to show some encouragement. He gives me a short smile before he walks off to join Film and the rest. He left me standing here alone with the person who caused me pains.

"Wanna go get something to eat together?" Is this really something he should ask me right now? I can hardly believe what I just heard and I turn to look at his face just to make sure that this guy, who stepped all over my heart earlier today, has the audacity to ask me if I want to eat something with him. Is he seriously acting like nothing happened?

"I'm heading home. I'm tired." I turn him down without any hesitations. I walk off, intending to head home like I said, but a hand quickly grabs a hold of my arm.

"Noh, don't tell me that you took what you saw to heart." And now he's saying this as though he can't believe it. So what I feel right now is ridiculous, is that it? The fact that I'm sad and disappointed is completely ridiculous to him?

I turn back to give him a clear answer. "I don't know which part of your brain you're using to ask me that stupid question. I have nothing to say to you. I'm going home so I can sleep." I'm being completely serious. He's caught off guard and I take that opportunity to pull wrist away from him. Then, I quickly make my way to the school's gate.

But the other person is following me. "Wait! You're so off base, Noh! We need to talk!" He calls out to me in his deep voice so that I'd stop walking. We pull back and forth and the security guard at the gate is giving us strange looks.

"What is there to talk about? I'm exhausted, okay? Whatever it is you wanna say to me, you can say them tomorrow." I tell him, but not too loudly. I'm not trying to pick a fight. Phun senses how serious I'm being and he stops in his track. For a moment, I figure that he'll surrender for sure, but then Phun pulls me down to sit on the sidewalk with him.

"No way! I'm not letting you leave when you're like this! You must be misunderstanding something here."

"........." I'm not the one that owes him an explanation.

"Hey, there's really nothing between Pam and me. What's the matter? I honestly didn't think that this would bother you this much." Scoffs. I force out a chuckle because I don't want to argue with him.

"Come on, Noh. Are you really upset because of Pam?" A moment passes and Phun probably understands that I'm in no mood to discuss anything with him so he crouches down in front of me. He looks into my eyes as if he's trying to pull a response out of me.

"Listen to me. There's nothing going on between me and her. It's not what you think. And know this. I love you. Get that through your stupid head." He tells me slowly while enunciating every word. Then, he smacks me in the head so hard that I almost fall forward. Goddamn! This is you trying to make things up to me?! Bastard! I raise my head back up and plan to return the favor. And I would've started this war if a sweet voice that I'm not too familiar with had not interrupts us.

"Phun! You're still here?"

"Oh...Pam!" Ha. Now what?! I glance at the person whose name was called. He has a shocked expression on his face, yet he reaches out and grabs my hand because he knows that I'm about to run off.

"You're still here?" Pam repeats her question and she smiles at me. I can't help but force myself to smile back at her.

"Yeah, what about you? I thought you left a while ago? What are you doing back here?"

"Oh, I went to have dinner around here. I just finished and I saw that you're still at the school so I came to thank you for today." She answers in her sweet tone of voice with a cool smile. That's enough for me to exhale loudly and Phun tightens his grip on me.

"I see. So...you're okay now?"

"Yeah. I'm okay now." I notice that Pam's eyes seem a little sad, but then she smiles and turns to shout at her friend who's waiting outside. "Mike! Come in! This is Phun, the one I told you about!" Hm? Who's he? I raise my brows up high when I see a guy named Mike slowly walking toward us.

"Ah. Hello, Phun. Pam told me everything. Thank you so much for looking after my girlfriend." H...huh? What...? I know that I'm not imagining this, Phun is definitely smirking at me.

"Not a problem at all." Phun answers the guy named Mike before he turns to give me a mocking smile. "Get home safe, alright? There's always next year, Pam. Fighting."

"Yes, yes. You two, take care." Pam chirpily says goodbye. The couple wave at us and walk away together. Now, it is just Phun and me.

"Heh heh. Someone was totally jealous. Heh heh heh." W...what?! Asshole! Jealous? Not even!

I widen my eyes at him and refuse to give him the satisfaction. "Well, what would you have done if you saw what I saw?!"

"Grab you by the neck so we can talk things out right then and there. Heh heh." See! He's even worse than I am! I tut at him, feeling irritated both at him and at myself for overreacting.

There's a gentle smile on Phun's face. He sits down next to me and lightly pat my shoulder. "Pam failed to qualify for the last around. She was really upset so I was consoling her. That was it. There was nothing more than that. When I was hugging her, it didn't feel anything like when I hug you at all. You believe me, don't you?

"Yeah..." I give him a short reply to his long explanation because I'm still trying to figure out why I was being so irrational today.

"Noh, you've never acted like this before. Was there something bothering you? Is that why you were so worried?" Phun is asking the same questions I'm asking myself.

What is the matter with me?

We let silence falls upon us. There are only the sounds of cars outside passing by. I don't know how much time had passed by the time Phun lets out a long exhale.

He gently slides his warm palm over the back of my hand. "Look, I don't know what you're going through right now. But I just want you to know that the way I feel about you hasn't changed at all. I'd like for you to have more faith in me, would that be possible?"

And it is something I'd like to do but... "I don't know, it's like...lately, I feel strange."

"Strange how?"

I swallow once before I continue to speak. "I feel like...your life would be so much better without me around...I don't know."

And with that answer, Phun's usual gentle tone of voice suddenly hardens. "Why do you feel that way, Noh?"

It wasn't my intention to anger him at all. "How can I not...when all the problems in your life stem from me? You're having problems with your family because of me. Your life is a mess because of me. It's to the point where I started to think that...maybe if you were to date a cute girl from a great school like Pam, then your life would be so much simpler. You'd be able to tell your parents who you're dating without having to worry. Everything would be so much better for you... I don't know... It's my fault that you're..." I pour out the thoughts that I've been keeping to myself this entire time. However, I couldn't finish what I wanted to say because I fear this might be too much for him to handle. And it must be, because Phun is silent.

He stares at my still face, then his lips slowly curl into a small smile. "Is this why you've been feeling so uneasy?"

"Well...yeah." I answer him, feeling a little confused. Phun pulls me up by the arm to stand with him.

"Then let's go fix that so you'd feel better." H...huh...? What?! I'm completely stumped. Phun drags me to the school's gate and he hails a cab by yelling out...

"To Thong-Lor, please!"



So here I am, sitting in a cab looking dumbfounded because I don't know what's going on at all. Meanwhile, the handsome jerk is humming along happily. There's a sly expression on his face and it's sending chills down my spine. He's being real scary and I'm starting to worry if he's taking me somewhere to do something horrible to me. I'm thinking about grabbing him by the neck and make him explain, but then the cab driver hits the brake in front of the Phumipat Mansion so hard that I nearly lost my balance.

What the fuck?! Were there no other cars on the road?! Is this really the Thong-Lor I know?! Life is so unfair. Why is luck always on Phun's side?!

My mouth hangs open once I see the familiar Phumipat Mansion's gate. The son of said mansion is grinning as he pays the cab fare and drags me out from the backseat.


"Wh...what are you planning to do here?!" I need to ask because his grin is rather unnerving, damn it! But this troublemaker continues to have that scary smile on his face.

"Come on or we'll be late." Late?! Late for what?! There's no time for a protest from me as Phun drags me by both of my arms through the small door at the gate.

I slowly follow the humming guy who seems to be in the best mood. On the other hand, I'm sweating bullets and I'm pretty sure the back of my shirt is soaking wet. My anxiety worsens when I notice his father's car is sitting in the garage.

"Phun...what are you planning to do? You need to tell me first!" I have every right to know! You can't force me to do this! I try my hardest to pull my arms back but he's grabbing them too tightly. It doesn't seem like he will tell me anything either. All I get is a taunting expression from him.

"Not telling ya!"

"You fuck! If you don't tell me then I swear I'm not going in there!"

"But it's too late for that." And he is right, because Phun and I are now standing at the front door.


I can hear faint sounds of the nightly news coming from the television, it means that it can't be nong Pang in there. How can I possibly not panic and swallow hard right now?

"Just trust me." It's strange how Phun's simple words work like a magical spell that rid me of all my worries. I look back into his eyes and I decide to walk inside with him.


"Dad..." Oh, jeez! You're just gonna call out to him like that?! I was so surprised that I had to take three steps backward when I heard Phun called out to his father who was watching television in the living room. I'm praying that the owner of this mansion is too focused on watching the news and totally can't hear his son no matter how loud he gets. But it seems god isn't on my side as always.

"Yes? You just got home, why don't you go put your things away first?"

There's another hard wallow, because I can guess what the guy next to me is planning to do.

"Dad..." Phun calls out to his father once more even though his father's already facing him. It feels like Phun is contemplating something.

"........" However, there isn't a reply coming from the adult in front of us. I know that he knows the reason the two of us are standing here hesitating to say something.

Phun takes in a deep breath before he proceeds to speak. "I'm dating someone." Shit! You're really doing this?! I blink rapidly to chase my dizziness away. Perhaps I was hearing things? Maybe I was seeing things? But that isn't the case. In front of me are Phun and his father standing there facing each other like before. Nothing has changed.

Suddenly, there's a tense atmosphere inside this mansion. "So you're willing to talk about this now, you rascal?"

"Only because I decided that I wanted to tell you." Don't talk back to him, jeez! Ugh, my head hurts. I need the smelling salt that I keep in my pocket but all I can find is my cell phone. Damn it, I left it behind at the clubroom.

The atmosphere is incredibly stressful and I begin to feel very uncomfortable.

"Alright, then what do you want to tell me?" His father asks as he takes off his glasses that he was using to watch television. It's a sign that his attention is entirely on his son now. At the same time, Phun seems to be more confident.

"I've spent several nights thinking about this. I was thinking about why you're doing this and why you're pressuring me into tell you."


"And then I found the answer. It's because you love me, which is why you don't want me to end up like p'Pao. But by doing so...you made me realize that you've never trusted me.

"It isn't that I don't trust you." Phun's father says in his deep voice after he's been quietly listening. My heart nearly stopped beating. "But have you ever thought about how long this relationship will actually last at your age? You may take it seriously, but does she? You're quite naive and trusting. I have seen far too many people regretting the decisions they made down the road. Or what if you were unlucky enough to go through what Pao had to go through? There's a high chance of that happening because you're my son. All eyes are on you. Reporters dig and they'll dig deep into your past. They won't hesitate exposing any awful things they might've found to the world. If that day comes, will you still be able to stand here and tell me that you can handle everything? Is this relationship of yours really worth the risk?

"It is."

"What was that?"

"I'm not afraid. And I don't care what might be waiting for me in the future either."


"I can't tell you how long we'll last or whether this person is good enough for me or not, Dad. But we love each other. This is the person that I love. And I'll never change my mind no matter what happens. Not even if I end up getting my heart broken. Not even if there's a cruel fate waiting for me. I'll endure it all. I won't break. You will never me hear me say that I regret choosing to be with this person, Dad. Never, ever.

The hall is quiet for a long while. The television is still on, but I can't hear anything. From the back, Phun seems very determined and adamant. I'm in awe of his courageous actions. But the same time, I'm hating myself for having doubts about this person that I love so much.

Phun's father walks closer to him. They're so close that they're nearly touching. His father picks up his arm and squeezes Phun's shoulder tightly.

"That's all I wanted to hear. For a bit there I thought you wouldn't man up. So if and when something does happen, you won't be afraid of them, will you?


"And you will never utter the word regret for me to hear?"

"That's right."

"You've thought this through?"

"Yes, I have."

"My son needs to be tough, you remember how I told you this, don't you?"

"I'm happy that I get to call myself as your son, Dad."

My eyes are tearing up at the sight of the father and son holding one another. I'm not entirely sure if it's out of happiness, relief or perhaps both. Sigh. Phun secretly turns to give me a smile before he goes back to speak with his father.

"Aren't you sweet? Are you like then when you're with her too?"

"I wasn't intentionally trying to be sweet, I was just telling you what I was thinking." Listen to his guy lying through his teeth. The owner of Phumipat Mansion laughs loudly before he playfully nudges his son's head.

"Date whoever you want. If you're this certain then your mother and I won't have to worry anymore. Being vague and refusing to say things like what you were doing isn't good for your mother's heart. Oh, Noh? What are you doing standing there? Are you here as his moral support?" Uh...I don't know, actually. I scratch my head a few times and give him an embarrassed smile.

"Will you let his girlfriend know that this guy stood his ground against me just to defend his beliefs? Hahaha, I wonder where he got that from."

"From you, Dad. Anyway, I think I'm gonna go take a shower." Phun says with a sly grin on his face. I shudder and another chill runs down my spine.

"Go on. And what about you, Noh? Are you spending the night or are you heading home? If you're heading home, I'll have my driver take you."

"I'll head—."

"Noh's staying! I already called his parents and told them." You liar! I squint at Phun but it doesn't seem like this has any effects on him.

The owner of Phumipat Mansion smiles at me before he returns to the couch and goes back to watching the news. "Then you two better go get cleaned up and get started on your homework. Don't stay up too late."

"Yes, Dad! We'll get started on that right away!" Hold it. I don't think your father means that kind of homework. I can tell what Phun is thinking by the way he is ogling at me. I raise my hand up, intending to flip the bird at him, but he drags me by the arm up to steps before I can do anything else. You bastard!



"So how are you doing? Feeling any better now?" Uh...you're kinda asking me that the second you closed the door. There wasn't enough time for me to adjust.

"Well...I'm in a blur. You were pretty brave though." If I were him, I would've totally chickened out. Hahaha. I answer him as I throw my school bag on the sofa and untuck my shirt. Phun is busy with using the remote to turn on the air conditioner.

"I did it for you so now you can stop worrying." Is that right, now? I pretend to give him a stink face as though I don't believe him. (I actually do believe him but I just wanna mess with him, okay? Haha.) Phun frowns like a kid in a time-out.

"What's with that face? Come over here. Come closer." Phun tells me with a motion with his hand and I shoot him an apprehensive look. He doesn't stop and I'm afraid that he might break his wrist so I give in and walk over to him.

I immediately regret my decision, because before I could get to where Phun is, he snatches me so he can hold me tightly.

He presses his nose into my cheek without giving me a chance to resist. "Well? Can I have my reward now? What do you have for me? Hm?" It sounds like a request but that is so not a request. No, this is what people call a robbery. I think to myself as Phun kisses my neck.

"Damn it, go take a shower first."


Uh...this is not good. I try to tilt myself away from his irresistible plump lips which always find their way for a kiss somehow. His hands are now preoccupied with unbuttoning my shirt.

"Phun..." Is he even listening to me?!

"Yes?" At last, he pauses himself to look at me. He stops ravaging my body for short a moment. But, um...the way he's looking at me... Yep, I'm sure I'm not imagining this. His eyes are filled with hunger and lust. Okay, now what do I do?

I begin to stutter now that he's running his hand all over my back while staring deep into my eyes. "Can...can we move to the bed? It's...um...kinda ticklish on the...the carpet." Ugh! What the hell am I even saying?! He really needs to stop looking at me like that! I yell (silently) at myself. Meanwhile, Phun has a huge grin on his face.

"Heh heh..." His sharp face moves in close for another big kiss on my cheek. Then, he whispers something right by my ear. "You're just too adorable. We can move to the bed but don't think for a second that we'll get to sleep tonight." What the hell?! I didn't start this! I open my mouth to argue but he's already dragging me to his bed. He locks his lips with mine before I can say another word.


I guess I'm letting him do as he pleases tonight.